The Benefits Of Power Flushing


For your household to be comfortable, you need to ensure that your central heating is up to scratch and not wasting energy, therefore saving yourself money in the process. It is important to have an energy source you can rely on, particularly as it gets colder. This is why you need to put the system through a power flush.


A power flush helps to remove grime, sludge, rust and other unpleasant build ups from the pipes, radiators and boilers. Doing this lowers the chance of leaking and the system breaking down. Power flushing also follows the correct building regulations to keep central heating in a property efficiently maintained. This will also increase the lifespan and distribute the heat more evenly through your home.


Professionals who have the correct training and experience will have the right equipment and ability to power flush properly and safely. Temperatures will be recorded from the radiators and cold spots will be found and confirmed. By surveying the power flush, they can show you how effective it is. The system water will be sampled as a reference and then they will prepare for the machine used for the flush. After the job is done, then the waters will be sampled again to check if it has been a success.


You may not know if your system needs a power flush but if you have any signs such as radiator cold spots, slow growing or no heat in the radiator, leaking, noisy whistling boilers or fluctuating temperatures, then it may be time to get a power flush. Call today to arrange Power flushing in Torbay, before your heating goes on for autumn.


Why You Should Always Use a Professional


You may think fitting a gas boiler is simple with your own tools. However, even if you have some idea of what to do, you should always use a professional to do it for you. One main reason is that it is illegal to take on any jobs yourself, as you need to be on the Gas Safe Register and have a licence. A professional will have been trained and have the experience to fit a variety of boilers and be able to maintain them.


It is also highly risky to do it yourself, due to what you are handling. It isn’t like a potential leak of water if you fix the plumbing for a water pipe. A gas pipe is dangerous if it isn’t handled properly, due to the potential for gas leaks and even an explosion. Even if you think you’ve connected it properly, there is still the risk for escaping carbon monoxide. This is very dangerous, causing illness and even death. If you don’t have a licence and you fit a gas boiler and something goes badly, you could risk lives as well as look at potential prison time.


There are many regulations you need to follow for fitting boilers etc. If you don’t follow them and they don’t match regulations of the local government or they are not the right ones, you may find yourself getting a fine and paying out a lot of money. You may also find if something happens to the boiler and you’re not a professional, it will void the warranty. So, it is best to hire a professional to do it for you, to keep people safe and assured it is done properly, call us if you require a report on your boiler from a qualified Heating Engineer in Dawlish or Torbay.


Is Gas Better Than Electric Heating?


When looking for the right sort of heating for your home there are a few things to consider. You may be weighing out the benefits of each sort and whether or not your home is adaptable. For instance, are you connected to a gas supply? If your home only allows electric heaters, then you may prefer sticking to that rather than put in central heating. Electric heating is also generally easier to install, as well as not needing to be inspected as regularly, therefore having lower maintenance.


However, central heating is quick to kick in and can heat up your home for longer even after turning off, due to the burner heating up efficiently from the start. It is particularly beneficial if you have a modern boiler, which is easy to fit. Unfortunately, a gas boiler will need more maintenance each year, to make sure it is still safe and working properly, but this means it will last longer. It will also cost more to set up if your home doesn’t have central heating in the first place.However, as a benefit, gas systems put out less units of energy, therefore saving money.

When it comes to choosing between the two, gas heating is still more beneficial.Yes, it’ll be pricey at the start, but it will be more financially efficient overall.Electricity costs get higher over time, therefore you may find yourself paying around 30% more each month, for a system that takes longer to heat your home. If
you are considering a replacement or new Boiler Installation in Torquay, then call Aqua Gas today.


What Are Some Common Boiler Issues?


A problem with your boiler always seems to arise at the most inconvenient time, but usually it will be a common problem that you can get advise for from an expert.


The pressure valve could develop a problem that causes a boiler leak, potentially from the pressure becoming too elevated. On the other hand, if the boiler pressure is too low it can be caused by a leak, radiators that have been recently bled, or a faulty piece in the system. It may need to be repressured by an expert.


Sometimes the hot water and heating can be affected by the thermostat. When this happens it is best to check the system’s manufacturing guide. As this can also be affected by a failing diaphragm or valve, you will need professional advise.


Occasionally your boiler may make noises when it’s working, but if it begins to gurgle in a strange way, whistle, or make banging sounds, it could be a problem with air trapped inside, a defective pump, low pressure, or a build up of limescale.


With older boilers, the light should stay on for it to work correctly. This could be an issue with the thermocouple. However with modern boilers this isn’t an issue due to being electronic.


You don’t want your boiler to breakdown completely, so it’s best to get a professional to have a proper look at it. It can be as simple as age affecting it, therefore getting a new system would be ideal, particularly as these are more energy and financially efficient!. Call today for all new Gas Boiler Installations in Torquay and Teignmouth.


Should You Upgrade Your Central Heating System?


You may find that older homes will still have an outdated central heating system and boiler. Unfortunately, odds are you’re paying out more often than you’d like, particularly in the colder months. You may find yourself constantly having to get your boiler fixed.


The amount of money you’re paying towards repairs, could be put towards a new system being fitted. If it’s the initial payment that’s putting you off, you should think about how much you’ll save over time.


An older system can overwork to keep the home temperature at a comfortable level. With new systems, they can control separate areas of the house, as well as being controlled via smartphone and thermostats.


The original boiler may take up room in your home, due to the bulkier size. New boilers are generally neater in size and less noisy.


Overall, not only will it be energy and cost efficient over time, you will find it improves the comfort of your family too. To get a free estimate for the best Boiler installation in Torquay, call Aqua Gas on 01803 297 784.


World Plumbing Day


Did you know that on the 11th of March each year, it’s World Plumbing Day? This day is held by the World Plumbing Council in order to celebrate and understand the importance of plumbing in every day life. After all, without plumbing we would not be able to enjoy the health benefits of a clean and safe environment in which we live in.


Recognised over several countries, this day is being promoted by governments and organisations alike. This day portrays the important job that the bathroom holds in keeping us healthy, along with the plumbers professional ability to protect the hygienic nature of our homes.


Luckily, as we live in a modern world, the development of plumbing has improved to the point where it is now part of our day to day lives, due to the proficiency and hard work plumbers give. For immediate emergency plumbing services in Teignmouth and Torbay call Aquagas today.


Bosch products on the energy-efficient tax scheme


Bosch announced that the GB162 V2 is now part of the Energy Technology Product List, meaning purchasers are eligible for the Enhanced Capital Allowance tax scheme for businesses. As businesses invest in certified energy efficient technologies, they are allowed by the UK Government to claim first year allowances of 100% of the cost of the purchased capital equipment against Corporation Tax in a single tax year. Businesses that take advantage of the scheme get a full tax refund in the first year of purchase, meaning a tax efficient as well as an energy efficient purchase. To take advantage of this, a business just reports the purchase on their corporation tax return in the same way as any other capital allowance. Contact Aqua gas for more details on any Gas boiler Installation in Torbay for either the home or business.