World Plumbing Day


Did you know that on the 11th of March each year, it’s World Plumbing Day? This day is held by the World Plumbing Council in order to celebrate and understand the importance of plumbing in every day life. After all, without plumbing we would not be able to enjoy the health benefits of a clean and safe environment in which we live in.


Recognised over several countries, this day is being promoted by governments and organisations alike. This day portrays the important job that the bathroom holds in keeping us healthy, along with the plumbers professional ability to protect the hygienic nature of our homes.


Luckily, as we live in a modern world, the development of plumbing has improved to the point where it is now part of our day to day lives, due to the proficiency and hard work plumbers give. For immediate emergency plumbing services in Teignmouth and Torbay call Aquagas today.


Bosch products on the energy-efficient tax scheme


Bosch announced that the GB162 V2 is now part of the Energy Technology Product List, meaning purchasers are eligible for the Enhanced Capital Allowance tax scheme for businesses. As businesses invest in certified energy efficient technologies, they are allowed by the UK Government to claim first year allowances of 100% of the cost of the purchased capital equipment against Corporation Tax in a single tax year. Businesses that take advantage of the scheme get a full tax refund in the first year of purchase, meaning a tax efficient as well as an energy efficient purchase. To take advantage of this, a business just reports the purchase on their corporation tax return in the same way as any other capital allowance. Contact Aqua gas for more details on any Gas boiler Installation in Torbay for either the home or business.